Heavy Duty Inflatable Floats

  • Model: 78
  • Shipping Weight: 1kgs
  • Manufactured by: Nile-Tec

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The Nile Tec spearfishing inflatable float is a heavy duty South African float designed and built by SpearMaster.

nile tec float

It is a high pressure float tested up to 30psi. A 30 psi float (when inflated to max pressure) will maintain the same buoyancy to a depth of nearly 2 atmospheres which is equivalent to 20 meters of ocean depth (66').

The streamlined shape reduces drag making it easy to tow the float

.rear float                   

A sturdy handle & stainless steel ring is placed at the rear of the float & a reinforced D-ring at the front for various terminal connections.

 2 floats

Sizes Available:

15 Liter       39lbs of lift to 2 atmospheres (20 meters deep (66')

30 Liter       68lbs of lift to 2 atmospheres (20 meters deep (66')

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