Nile Tec Handle Frame (African Teak Plates)

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  • Manufactured by: Nile-Tec

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Nile-Tec Stainless Steel Handle Frame

African Teak

The handle frame is made from 316 grade stainless steel, with an ergonomic design to support greater control of the speargun during shooting and tracking fish.

Additional 2 side pins are imbedded within the frame for extra support during heavy pressure.


The stainless steel handle frame naturally adds 143gm (5.04 oz.) to the rear of the speargun, a much need advantage in any speargun for easier fish tracking and speargun stability to counter recoil. 

The wood plates are made from African Teak which has very similar properties as Burmese Teak, except it is lighter in mass which provides a better opportunity for balancing.

Good water resistant and sustains heavy pressure.

In this picture, the wood plates are coated with marine epoxy.

This handle frame is available with or without internal weights.

In most cases, the use of internal weights is used for bigger guns with 3 bands or more.

*Weights Not Included

*Mounting Screws Included


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