Nile-Tec Stainless Steel & Brass Threaded Inserts

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  • Manufactured by: Nile-Tec

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Ideal for repetitive removal & installation of Reels, Handles, Line Anchors…etc…from wood stock.
Provides a more secure lock than regular screws…Requires no special tools.

Installation Procedures:
1- Mark the spot on the wood stock where the Threaded Insert is required.
2- Drill a hole 10mm (0.4") deep using a 7.5mm (9/32") Router bit.
3- Apply a thin coat of marine grade epoxy inside the hole.
4- Use the screw provided as an Insert Tool by driving the screw all the way inside the Threaded Insert.
5- Align the Threaded Insert securely on top of the drilled hole and with a screw driver, drive the Threaded Insert until flush with the surface of the wood.
6- Remove the screw from the Threaded Insert and wait 24 hours before use.

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* Stainless Steel Screw included

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