• Model: 40
  • Shipping Weight: 5kgs
  • Manufactured by: Nile-Tec

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Loaded with 3 Power Bands……..it requires a fine tuned stock design able to support the critical balance between Power & Recoil.
Every curve from muzzle to loading butt is engineered to create an accurate speargun with low recoil at maximum power……….While tracking fish with one hand remains simple.
The reduction of recoil translates not only to increased accuracy, but more power is transferred to the spear instead of dissipating into hand & body.
The Graphite track adds smoothness to the spear's trajectory, minimizing friction, increasing spear velocity while safeguarding the track against any chipping.
Sell Ballasted Stainless Steel Handle adds the correct amount of weight needed to balance recoil and improves maneuverability.
Loading Butt non-slip design
Muzzle steps elevate Power Bands at a very early stage of stretching to maintain the power bands aligned in the same plain of the spear.
While the power bands snap back to their original position...they remain in flight on the same level of the spear.
This induces the direction of recoil to be in line with the direction of the spear pointing to target. This power band elevation avoids muzzle flip, resulting in increased accuracy; especially at long range.
  • Bands: 3 x 16mm Spear: 170cm, 7mm, (Euro or US notch), 3 high profile SharkFin tabs (can accept 7.5mm & 8mm spears.
  • Handle: Stainless Steel covered with African Teak wood plates with internal adjustable ballasting weights, Coated with black colored extra grip enhancer.
  • Trigger Mechanism: Nile-Tec Top Line Release mechanism with auto reset line release arm; accepts US or Euro style spears.
Speargun Size Options:-
125cm – 135cm

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