Speargun Wishbone Inserts

  • Model: 69
  • Shipping Weight: 0.25kgs
  • Manufactured by: Nile-Tec


These Wishbone Inserts are designed for use with wishbone cord up to 2.5mm in diameter and they completely eliminate the need for wishbone installation tools. No more struggling with T type installation tools or needle nose pliers. Making bands just got easier even on the deck of a bobbing boat. They are made from high strength, ultra light weight and corrosion-proof glass reinforced plastic. If you choose to remove them from your old bands, they are reusable and yet are inexpensive enough to be considered disposable.

1. Insert the tips of the Wishbone Inserts into the ends of the latex band tubing.

2. Using your thumb press the Wishbone Inserts into the tubing until the knot chamber is is against the end of the tubing.

3. Tie and tighten a constrictor or double constrictor knot 5/16”(9mm) from both ends of the tubing.


*Each Sold Separately

*Dyneema Not Included


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